The White-fronted Amazon, Amazona albifrons, also called the Spectacled Amazon or White-fronted Parrot, is the smallest Amazon Parrot, native to Central America.


Appearance Edit

Like other Amazons, the White-fronted Parrot has mainly green feathers, with a horn-colored beak and yellow eyes. The lores and cheeks are bright red, as are the shoulders of adult males (females lack this). The forehead is bright white, backed by a blue patch. This bird is about 9 inches in length.

Behavior Edit

This parrot makes shrill to barking calls, and can imitate words and sounds. They are lively and loud, and heavy chewers. White-fronted Amazons are hardy birds and typically make good pets for the experienced keeper.

300px-White-fronted amazon (Amazona albifrons) 1

Trivia Edit

  • During breeding, the male will "French kiss" the female, making the White-fronted Amazon the only non-human animal to demonstrate actual kissing. (Afterwards, the male vomits into his mate's mouth.)