The Kea is a large New Zealand parrot that lives in forests and alpine zones. It is the world's only (known) alpine parrot.


Appearance Edit


The Kea is large - about 19 inches long. The plumage is dark olive-green, but the undersides of the wings are bright orange with yellow transverse stripes. The beak is greyish and hooked, with the upper mandible being much longer than the lower. The males are larger than the females, and both genders have dark brown irises.

Behavior Edit

Bold kea close-up

A kea investigates tourists

Keas are highly intelligent and curious - many have been observed using tools and solving logic puzzles. However, they are described as "cheeky" or "clowns of the mountains" and will often steal tourists' items or tear apart radio antennae of parked cars. (Some Keas will even sneak into houses through chimneys, then destroy the inside while foraging.) These parrots are omnivorous and will eat carrion, plant matter, nectar, and insects.